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If this post gets 50,000 notes by March 30th I wont kill myself

I know this wont make it but i’ll give it a chance anyways…



guys i had a really great christmas idea.

okay, when you reblog this, i will write your url on a strip of paper

then when more people reblog, i’ll loop them together and make a christmas paper chain!

and on christmas, i’ll post a masterlist of all the urls, and take pictures of it and it will be very merry jolly and christmas.

so reblog (you dont have to be following me, this is for everyone), and i’ll get to work

has tumblr gone too far? find out at 11.

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Since most of us are in bed with our laptops I like to think it means we’re kind of in bed together

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My best friends little sister. Last night. She’s gone.

Destroying my body is the only thing I’m good at.

Reblog if you’ve cut the word “FAT” into your body

i swear when i was in health class in 6th grade, i never thought i’d be the girl they’d talk about with the eating disorder, self-harm and depression.

If you love TUMBLR, reblog this.

The notes.

You don’t belong here if you don’t reblog this

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